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Plaster Tenders Apprenticeship Program
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Plaster Tenders Apprenticeship Program

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Plaster Tenders of Southern California Apprenticeship Program

The Southern California Plaster Tenders Apprenticeship Program consists of both “on-the-job” practical experience and classroom instruction. Apprentices are “indentured” to the Southern California Plaster Tenders Joint Apprenticeship Committee, and may work for one or more of over (60) area employers who perform Stucco, Interior Plaster, Exterior Insulation Finish Systems, Fireproofing, and Scaffolding
Apprentices are required to complete at least 3600 hours of on-the-job training within three years and attend one week of classroom training each quarter (160) hours a year). Advancements in wages are granted based upon attendance, meeting the minimum number of work hours on construction job sites and longevity in a given period of apprenticeship.

The Apprentice is paid by the Employer for all time worked on construction sites, but does not receive wages while attending related instruction. However, most Apprentices are eligible to receive unemployment benefits while attending mandatory “employment related” classroom instruction.

As a condition of employment with any Union Employer, the Apprentice must join and maintain membership in Plaster Tenders of Southern California Local Union 1414.

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